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About nCubed

nCubed who? huh?

Who Is nCubed?

nCubed.com is a collaborative effort involving the talents of the WordSmuggler.com and RoubaixInteractive.com. Our focus is on the development of feature-rich web-based applications with a customer-centric orientation.

Got questions? Check out our support area or feel free to contact us.

Scalable development builds the foundation of our Web Services. By taking a top-down, proactive approach we remain customer focused and goal-directed. Innovation and organization facilitates sticky web-readiness, transforming turnkey eyeballs to brand 24/365 paradigms with benchmark channels implementing viral e-services and dot-com action-items. Anyone who actually believes this Tanuki Dung really ought to lighten up.

The head gopher for nCubed.com is Kindler Chase.

What Is nCubed?

nCubed.com was founded to provide the web development community feature-rich web-based applications. In addition to supporting the web development community at large, most of our products have been developed to fully integrate with Dreamweaver MX.

All of our products are 100% supported by the developers themselves and come with complete documentation and samples. Whether the products we provide are free or commercial, we will settle for nothing less than a completely satisfied client.

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