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SuperInvoice Testimonials


"I cannot believe that there aren't other applications like this available. With so many independents, contractors and small shops, this application would be extremely useful. From a useability perspective, the app handles every scenario that we encounter (tax, discounts, multiple line items, multiple tax charges). Everything is centrally configurable from the administrative login and requires almost no learning curve. The documentation is clear and concise. My customers love doing business this way as they have the option to generate paper or keep it electronic. This is the best $99 I have spent this year. Great work!"

Chris Holliday
Adventureology.com - Owner


"It was very easy to set up - even for an asp novice like me. The program itself is awesome, and very easy to use. I can now keep all my "client paperwork" stored in one central location. Clients love it, no more hunting around for that missing faxed invoiced, they just log in and at a glance, they can see their account balance. The software has paid for itself in the few months of use. Thank you nCubed - great product."

Nadia Perre
Dreamweaver Resources - Owner


"Many of my customers have been begging me for a method that they can use to perform online retrieval of their billing status. SuperInvoice to the rescue and my clients love it! They tell me that it is easy to use and easy to see where they are at a glance. From an administrator's point of view, nCubed has thought of almost everything with SuperInvoice and I look forward to any potential modules or update paths that they may offer."

Brad Halstead
Dreamweaver MX Templates - Author


"I am really impressed with SuperInvoice. Not only is the concept of keeping all of your client billing organized in one place online a great one, but the application is designed with great care and finesse for easy usability. It took me less than 5 minutes to install. I think it will easily pay for itself within a few months in time saved at invoicing time."

Patty Ayers
North Carolina
Carolina Web Solutions - Owner


"Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with SuperInvoice. It was exactly what I was looking for to help me out with my invoicing. The installation was a dream and I had no problems at all with converting the system to UK based operation. Your help with the invoice numbering problem was faster and easier than I dared hope for.

I spent a happy morning entering the last three months worth of invoices and can now see at a glance just who owes me money, how much and from when. But even better than that Ė so can the client! I actually rolled it out live this morning and as a direct result have had a number of outstanding invoices paid (OK they have at least promised to pay) Ė and I didnít even need to make a phone call. The really outstanding thing is the comments Iíve had back from the clients about how useful it is to see all invoices past and present and be able to list them by project.

The right product at the right time, for me at least!"

Chris Odell
Reading, Berkshire, UK
Artography Web Design - Owner


"Having a fairly large clientbase and not enough time in the day to keep on updating them personally I have found this script to be one of the most cost efficient and most useful productivity tools for web developers. Thanks nCubed!"

Gordon MacKay
GordonMac.com - Owner


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